All participants and volunteers
Environmental Studies
Getting your hands and
learning about the health of
our Bay.
Our Mission
We are a non-profit group of local
hunters, fisherman, boaters, and law
enforcement, who wish to pass on some
outdoor experiences to the next
generation of kids and beyond in our
area. All for FREE of Charge for
Field Day Activities
  • Scales and Tales Education: Kids will get a brief overview and education on with Live Animals on Display

  • Fishing: Kids will be taken out on the North East River or from the North Bay Pier (weather being the factor)
    with experienced fisherman courtesy of the Northern Bay Chapter of Maryland Saltwater Sport Fishing
    Association, each kid will learn how to find fish, proper casting techniques and specific lures to use to be a
    successful angler.

  • Wood Duck Box Building: Kids learn about the Maryland Wood Duck Initiative program hear in Maryland and
    the components of a successful wood duck box. Kids will break into groups to construct a wood duck box.

  • North Bay Adventure - Exploring the Chesapeake: Two combined groups on a journey with North Bay
    Adventures to explore and become educated on the health, wildlife habitat and water quality of the bay.

  • Safety Talk: Before the children start at the range they all sit in on a safety talk, ranging from range instructions
    to the proper care of a firearm.  

  • .22 Rifle: With one on one instruction kids learn how to properly shoot a .22 rifle.  They also get to shoot 10

  • Shotgun: Clay birds are thrown for children to experience “shooting on the fly.”  Stationary targets are also

  • Muzzleloader Rifle: Kids are shown the process of shooting primitive black powder weapons from loading to
    cleaning.  They also shoot 3 shots.

  • Bow and Arrow: Kids are instructed on the proper handling of a bow and get to practice aiming and shooting
    the arrows at targets set up for their enjoyment.
Northern Chesapeake Sportsmen for Kids
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Northern Chesapeake Sportsmen For Kids
Latest News: We have moved
our location for this years field
day about 10 miles down the
road on RT 272 South to
Elk Neck State Park -
North East River Area